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The Science of Church Communications Seminar / Lunch & Learn

The Science of Church Communications

Communication reaches the mind, heart and the human soul.

Pastor or Ministry leader, were you aware that Google changed its algorithms over 300 times last year?  Thats nearly once per day.  Is your communications strategy comprehensive and integrated, or nonexistent? Have you updated your Google My Business every week?  Do you have Analytics that help you understand the flow of visitors that visit your site before they become first time guests your church?  Are you consistent in your messaging, or bringing confusion to your people without meaning to?  Are your listings consistent across all 90 directories?

Social. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? To post or not to post?  How to post?  When to post?  Where to post?   Is there a strategy? Pastor Ed will teach and inform your staff how to use Social platforms to grow your church and frequently touch the community. Pastor Ed will help you develop an effective strategy that will help you not only have the right relationship with search engines, but an overall strategy that helps you communicate to your congregation and community. 

There is a science behind communication that touches not only the mind,  but the soul and spirit.  Pastor Ed's Lunch & Learns have been widely loved by pastors and their staffs. You will be challenged, informed and inspired to move your messaging to a whole new level. Reach out today and discover how you can advance your communication strategy for Christ.

Endorsed by the Better Business Bureau

Pastor Ed Brings a modified version of 

this seminar to local business owners every quater. Church communications (Sacramento, Elk Grove, Rocklin and Northern California).

Church Communications Seminar, Lunch & Learns

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