DISC Personality Training for Small Group Leaders and Pastors

Small Group DISC Personality Training

disc personality training

This disc personality training and small group training Seminar (or Lunch & Learn) is designed to train and advance your small group leaders in the art of nuturing God's people in the context of a small group.  Have you noticed people are different, but they are predictably different.   People grow best when sitting under the teaching apreaching of God's Word, and they take root and grown when engaging in a Life Group.  Human behavior is not cut and dry, or black and white, which is why DISC theory consists of a combination of four DISC personality styles. 

Taking into account someone's primary, secondary, tertiary and even absent personality traits allows us to see the unique blend of their DISC personality types and how this affects their everyday actions, personal preferences within different environments, communication with others, ability to organize, reactions or avoidance of conflict, and more.  As a pastor, ministry leader or small group leader, this training will enable you to quickly and accurately understand someone's personality blend, and will allow you to minister more effictively to their marriages.  Your group members  find themselves involved in less conflict with others, especially those with an opposite personality blend.  You as their leader will better understand responses and reactions in general. 

 The DISC personality Seminar from Pastor Ed is based on Marston's DISC theory.  It's an eye opening, fun and informative advance training for your staff, pastors and small group leaders.  This investment will help leaders lead others.  Serving Sacramento, Rocklin, Elk Grove and northern Califonria, Edward Black Communications is a faith based marketing agency, serving the Body of Christ.


  • Correctly place volunteers 
  • Develop future leaders
  • Reduce personal & marriage conflict.
  • Empower small group leaders.
  • Increase communication. 
  • Enhance understanding

8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leadership is Included

Included in this fun and informative training is a session on the 8 Habits of Highly Effective Small Group Leaders.   I began asking the leaders I coached to adopt these habits and build them into their weekly schedules. Without exception, those who used these habits became highly effective leaders who grew and multiplied their groups. Those who didn't, didn't. 

  • The 8 Habits work.
  • The 8 Habits are Universal.
  • The 8 Habits are Doable
  • Have a Broad Application.
  •  These habits are easy to  impliment.  
  • The 8 Habits are motivational.
  • The 8 Habits are realistic

 The 8 Habits can take an aspiring small-group leader, and those under him or her, to a new level.  These habits, when applied, can transform a floundering small group of people into a thriving, growing, vibrant one.  Whether an apprentice leader, a novice small-group leader, youth pastor, a coach of group leaders, or a pastor of a large small-group ministry, these 8 Habits will work and lead to fruitfulness and multiplication. You'll also experience greater fulfillment in your ministry. 

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