Professional VideoGraphy Services

Capture Live Events with Single or Multiple Camera Shoot

We capture your live event with a single camera, (or arrange for a multiple camera shoot), with professional editing services to complete your work. Depending upon the nature of the Field Production, we typically price our production at half or entire day rates.  $895 for half day (4 hours, travel, load in and load out) or an entire day rate of $1,195.  We will estimate editing time to complete your work and supply you with a beautifully edited MPG.

Create YouTube or Training Vignettes

Create Youtube or training video vignettes or 90 second social media messages that you can use for your own website or social Media platforms! Our basic YouTube agreements allow up to six, 90 second productions, fully edited for $895 a month.  

Intro & Animated Logos, Promotional Videos, Whiteboard & Animated Explainers.